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Embedded world 2024


 Embedded World, the world's largest show for embedded electronics and industrial computer applications, is dedicated to embedded system integration.

Business and related hardware and software manufacturers, distributors for cooperation and exchange of the annual event! In 2023, there will be more than 1,200 international businesses
Industrial computer manufacturers exhibited in 5 exhibition halls in Hall 1, 2, 4, 4A and 5, exhibiting products scoring into hardware (zero Parts, modules, various application systems) tools, application software (real operating system, virtual software, web browser, inspection software,Software and other applications) and services (systems development, electronics manufacturing, communications services, consulting, training, trading, etc).
   Embedded World is a new focus platform for industrial computing companies, with nearly 90 percent of visitors focusing on various automotive and industrial industries controls,telecommunications, measuring and testing, mechanical engineering and medical engineering and other industrial components, equipment and systems.
Search for the most innovative products & technology & solutions, do the annual procurement, product development plan!
    As a result of continuous innovation in various industries and fields, hardware and software vendors and tool and service providers are showing that they are reducing.
The innovation appeal of less energy consumption, on the other hand, Machine-to-Machine-communication; M2M / Embedded.
Under the promotion of the concept of Cloud-computing, internet technology is more widely used in any life.
One corner, even more, will be the trend of the future, especially Cloud-computing by merging all the individual embedded.

The parts show their efficacy.

TOMY  successfully completed the exhibition task and attracted many customer inquiries.

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